The Writing

This page will feature some of the writing coming from our room and its supporters. 
Authors are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Heather Adamson

“Holding Doors”

I didn’t need him to respond.  In fact, it was better this way.  It was a moment defined not by validation or equaliza- tion.  It was a moment not defined by manipulation.  Best of all, it was a moment not defined by retribution. [more . . .]

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Colleen Getty

Learn or Dance?

I’m driving down the highway at night.  My face is hot, but I turn the heat on anyway because the rest of me is cold.  I switch the radio to talk, which in my cableless state keeps me up to speed, but it’s dominated by the righties and so I get sick of listening to them rant.  I flip to music.  “Sister Christian” [more . . .]

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Stacey Curran-Conway

Lost and Found

I can’t find my running hat right now. It’s been a few days and I’ve looked everywhere I can think of. I ran without it today and I missed it the whole time.

I know I could go buy another one. They aren’t pricey and I’m fortunate enough to be able to afford another. But that’s the easy solution [more . . .]


The Vicious Routine of Bedtime

(This is a comedic snapshot from a mommy blog.)

Bedtime with my toddler lately feels a lot like World War III. In fact it’s safe to say, I downright loathe bedtime. Delay tactic, upon delay tactic, upon delay tactic, usually ending with me leaving the room to a shrieking toddler.  [more . . .]

Wendy Dennis

Cat Tales

I want to curl up on the couch.
Smug, safe, a haughty purr.
A cat who knows her limits.
Tail flickers lightly.


An Odd Ode

As the leaves turn color, 
so does the clear liquid to ruby change
in my glass . . .
From the ice-chilled, crisp, fruity tang--
Pinot Grigios . . . Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs . . .

"No, thank you," I dismiss those tiresome California Chardonnays.  [more . . .]