The Mission:

To provide those who want to write, love to write, and need to write with a quiet, communal and supportive space within which they are able to write.

The Room

The Room to Write was organized out of the need for a local space in which to work and with the goal of providing a supportive community for writers and illustrators to draw inspiration from, gather information through and be motivated by. 

In our shared space with the Boys & Girls Club of Wakefield the initial focus is on space that offers evening hours for members to work their craft as well as meet with other writers and illustrators for purposes of critiquing work and participating in professional development opportunities. 

There will be one room designated as "quiet" and one room designated as "not-so-quiet" in which to meet. Click on the following links to find out more about TRtW Membership and TRtW Hours.

To Write

Writing is and should be messy. It is o.k. to write outside of the box; the box that is your home, school, or physical workplace. This can also be the box that is the sometimes stiff and other times stifling expectation of what writing should look like. There will be no cat-like editors waving their tales and waiting for the first technical error to pounce on. There will just be you and your thoughts among other artists who will lend you as much or as little support as you prefer.

Let's write on our own, and yet be creative together, with the opportunity for collaboration and the advantage of a little room to write. 

Our inspiration for and model for creating a room for writers is The Writer's Room of Boston.