TRtW & WCAT Collaborate

Would you like to participate in a collaborative project between The Room to Write and WCAT Studios?

If you are a published writer and/or illustrator who has published a piece of writing in any format and would like to be featured on the series, contact me at

The Room to Write: Episode 4

We have created a Wa

kefield Community 

Access Television program that follows the writing, 

illustrating and publishing process. 

The Room to Write now has a regular time slot on WCAT's Public channel: 8am Sundays, 7pm Tuesdays, 9am Wednesdays, and 7pm Fridays. 

The Journey of a 

Story series will be 

available in video and podcast 


We talk about the art of writing with real writers. How do writers write? Where, when and why do they write? How do they publish their work?

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The Room to Write: Episode 3

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